Broncos TV

Broncos TV delivers Broncos news, analysis and exclusive interviews to fans on a daily basis. The 30-minute show runs Monday - Friday at 6:30pm on KTVD. 

Art Deadline: Five business days in advance of when the show airs.

Spot Delivery & Details
You have two options when it comes to submitting your TV creative:
1. Send a download link to the Denver Broncos – please send directly to your partnership activation rep.
2. Send the spot via Extreme Reach - please send directly to your partnership activation rep.
3. Along with the delivery of each spot, please provide traffic instructions.
4. This show is created in-house by the Denver Broncos, therefore we cannot accept spots delivered directly to the TV station.
What to Provide:
Your spot needs to cut for broadcast – that means the EXACT duration (no black, color bars or slate).

Ideally we would like:
• QuickTime Movie with H.264 Compression.
• This applies to both HD and SD spots
• 48K Audio
• 30fps

Additionally, we recommend all spots adhere to a 4x3 title-safe area whether they are in HD or SD.