KDVR Television Advertising

"In the Zone with Coach"
1. For season placement: August 6

2. If you'd like to change your spot throughout the season, please submit any new creative within 72 hours of the next show airing

3. For all features, please furnish the Broncos with a high resolution JPG logo
Spot Delivery & Details
1. You have two options when it comes to submitting your TV creative: one is to send a download link to the Denver Broncos for us to provide to KDVR. The second is to send the spot directly to KDVR in which case you would need to provide your service representative with confirmation of the EXACT spot ISCI code and traffic instructions

2. If sending via Extreme Reach, please send directly to your partnership activation rep.

3. To find additional KDVR Fox 31 specifications for spot delivery and acceptable file formats, please click here.