Player Usage Guidelines

Group Player Rights Overview
Through an exclusive sponsorship agreement with the NFL, NFL players are integrated into NFL and Club Sponsor activations. Each year, over 1,000 NFL players are used in a variety of sponsor marketing efforts, including appearances, marketing campaigns and endorsements.

Anytime an active NFL player is used commercially, that usage may be categorized into Category 1 (no player endorsement/passive usage) or Category 2 (player endorsement/active usage). The following are some general parameters that are used to determine whether a particular use of an active NFL player falls under Category 1 or Category 2. Classification of NFL player usage depends on the specific manner of use, and overall context is always taken into consideration. Please keep in mind that no single criterion is determinative; the criteria below are guidelines, not absolute rules, and are not intended to be exhaustive or exclusive.
Category 1: Passive Usage
The following guidelines apply in promotional materials:

1. All creative must feature at least six (6) active NFL players

2. NFL players with competing endorsement deals cannot be used. Please contact the Broncos with any questions regarding specific NFL players and we will work with NFLPA to determine whether the player is acceptable to use

3. NFL players are not clearly and/or immediately identifiable to the consumer OR NFL players are clearly and/or immediately visible and identifiable to the consumer, but no unduly focused on, featured, or highlighted in a manner that leads the reasonable consumer to believe that players is a spokesperson for, or a promoter of, a third-party commercial product or service

4. NFL players are not central to the campaign or message

5. Separation between the NFL players and the sponsor product or service is depicted

6. Imagery should be a group action (i.e. field, sidelines, training camp) photo (un-posed) with NFL players usually in equal prominence

7. Prominence of player usage not dominant relative to non-player elements of the campaign (i.e. creative elements of campaign (store banners, print ads, etc.) do not contain, either individually or collectively, more than 50% player usage.)
Category 2: Active Usage
Incremental payment by the Broncos or Sponsor will be required to compensate NFL players for usage. Additional fees are subject to a partner’s club sponsorship agreement and the express agreement of the NFL player in question. Category 2 use of six (6) or more players is NOT included via a club sponsorship agreement. Partners should work with NFLPA on player usage and fees.

The following guidelines apply in promotional materials:

1. NFL players are central to the campaign or message

2. Prominence of recognizable NFL player usage or recognizable NFL player theme or concept in dominant relative to non-player elements of campaign

3. Recognizable NFL player used on product or primary packaging (i.e. cans or bottles of soda as opposed to case wrappers)

4. NFL player promotional appearances or performance of other services by player (i.e. in-store appearances, trade appearances, hospitality appearances, autograph sessions)

5. NFL player requires active participation where promotional or advertising content is captured (i.e. participation in photo or other creative shoot for print (POS), internet, broadcast (i.e. TV, radio)
Player Premium Programs
NFL Sponsors and Broncos can create promotional programs which include player premium products (i.e. collectible cups, bobble heads, stickers, photos, posters). This includes both existing products and custom designed player premiums.

The following guidelines apply in promotional materials:

1. All player premium products must be manufactured under license from NFLPA, with standard royalty paid by manufacturer

2. Additional fees are subject to a partner’s sponsorship agreement with Broncos

3. The NFL Sponsor’s premium promotional programs must be reported in advance to NFLPA

4. Promotional materials and creative featuring NFL players when used in a series must depict all players featured in the promotion and is subject to approval by NFLPA