Run of Site Banner Advertising

Art Deadline
Five business days in advance of posting - banner ads will pace to meet impression goals over the course of the year.
Desktop: 220x90, 300x250 & 300x100
1. File types: GIF, JPEG, PNG or HTML5
2. Max file size: 40KB (100KB for HTML5) & App: 320x50 & 728x90
1. File types: GIF or JPEG
2. Max file size: 40KB
Additional Details
1. We require all sizes in order to place any ROS banner ads
2. Please provide a URL for the banner ads to link to
3. If you need your ads to appear on a specific date, please let us know up-front so we can weight your impressions accordingly to ensure proper delivery
4. Please note, banner ads received after August 31 will not be guaranteed to deliver the contractual impression goal